Hirose HR41 Outdoor Waterproof Connectors from Mouser Will Withstand Harsh Weather

Hirose_HR41_Connectors2Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking and shipping the HR41 Series Waterproof Connectors made by Hirose Electric. These new connectors are IP68 rated and are guaranteed to maintain a waterproof seal while in the mated state.

The new Hirose HR41 Series Waterproof Connectors available from Mouser Electronics are lightweight, waterproof connectors with strong plastic shells that are built to be resistant to corrosive weather. It uses a bayonet-style locking mechanism which makes it easy to mate the connectors even in complete darkness. An integrated anti?loosening mechanism keeps the tightening ring that secures the cable firmly in place during harsh vibrations.

The Hirose HR41 connectors are available in two varieties: the 5-pin version can handle 600 VAC or 400 VDC at 10 Amps, while the 3-pin version can handle 400 VAC or 400  VDC at 20 Amps. As a safety measure during the mating process of the 5?pin connectors, the sequential contact structure is designed to connect the ground contact before any of the power contacts, making this connector ideal for hot plugging applications. Gold plated terminal contacts provide a solid, reliable connection.

These connectors are rated at IP68, which means they are certified for waterproof performance when immersed in a mated condition in 2 meters of water for 14 days. The Hirose HR41 can also withstand exposure of a 5 percent salt water spray for 1,000 hours in a mated condition.