More Safety for the Switch Cabinet – with the Eaton P Switch-Disconnector

Switch_Disconnector_PEaton is now offering its proven P1 and P3 switch-disconnectors with IP65 protection also as variants with metal extension shafts for mounting in the switch cabinet. It is now possible for machine builders to ensure load disconnections in the 25 to 100 A range in switch cabinets with a depth of up to 600 mm and thus provide optimum protection for personnel and equipment.

The portfolio includes different switch, handle and shaft options so that the right system can be assembled flexibly depending on the requirement. The complete packages, that are available with prefabricated and switchable neutral conductor and auxiliary contacts, help the user to save time and costs for the order and the installation.

The manual operating mechanism on the P switch-disconnectors works in direct connection with the contacts. The compact and robust devices are designed for use as a main switch with or without an emergency-stop function as an on/off switch as well as a maintenance, repair or safety switch. They ensure a high degree of reliability and have a long lifespan alongside outstandingly low power losses.

To integrate them into the installation, the user can simply fit the switches on the mounting rail or into a mounting plate. The extension shafts for connecting the door are available for switch cabinets with depths of 400 mm and 600 mm. Suitable thumb-grips and handles enable the switch to be locked in the ‘on’ position as a standard feature and thus protect the door from unauthorised opening under live conditions. The lockable main switch handles can be used to lock the cabinet with up to three 8 mm padlocks. The K Line series thumb-grips and handles make it possible to lock the door in the ’off’ position as well as with two 6 mm padlocks or a cylinder lock. Eaton also offers an optional tool for the user to unlock the door in the ’on’ position, e.g. for faultfinding without isolating the power supply.