RDS makes a splash with NLT’s WXGA TFT LCD modules

1Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced a 15.6inch, WXGA, a-Si (amorphous- silicon) TFT LCD module from NLT Technologies. The NL13676BC25-03F has been designed for outdoor applications, but with a longer backlight lifetime of 70,000 hours to reduce power consumption without affecting brightness.

The wide format module can be used in boating equipment, construction devices and industrial applications. It has a luminance of 1100cd/m² and a high contrast ratio of 900:1 resulting in excellent viewability, even in high ambient light environments. Resolution is 1366 x 768.

The long-life white LED backlight lowers maintenance costs, compared to typical high power backlights used in conventional outdoor displays, achieving high brightness by optimising heat dissipation. Furthermore, it is mercury-free.

Operating temperature ranges from -20 to +70, to guarantee stable operation in extreme conditions.

At 15.6 inches, the TFT LCD is the largest in NLT’s high bright product family. The wide format allows more data to be shown on the display, and for multi-function displays in marine equipment, where a variety of information and data need to be viewed on a single display at the same time.
The module measures 363.8 x 215.9 x 12.65mm.

The LCD module was showcased at the recent Embedded System Expo, Tokyo, Japan and Display Week 2014, San Diego, California, USA. Samples are scheduled for September 2014.