Get to the Root of Motor Control with the Freescale Kinetis KV1x MCUs Available from Mouser

HiRes_Freescale_KinetisVMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the Kinetis© KV1x Microcontroller Family from Freescale Semiconductor. The Kinetis V Series V1x MCU family the entry point to Freescale’s new Kinetis V series, a scalable microcontroller (MCU) family that targets digital motor control applications. Based on a 75MHz ARM® Cortex?M0+ core, the Kinetis KV1x family includes an integer divide and square root co?processor that reduces the CPU load caused by demanding motor control algorithms.

The new Freescale® Kinetis KV1x Microcontroller Family, available from Mouser Electronics, boasts significant improvements in performance compared to other microcontrollers in its class. These improvements allow cost?sensitive applications to take advantage of the enhanced efficiency and precise speed/position control offered by the latest motor control devices. The KV1x microcontrollers include an advanced analog and timing peripheral set with two 12/16?bit analog?to?digital converters (ADCs) capable of 1.2Msps in 12-bit mode for fast signal acquisition and conversion, a 12-bit digital?to?analog converter (DAC), and two analog comparators thatreduce bill of material (BOM) costs while providing fault protection against over current/voltage conditions. Multiple independent Freescale FlexTimers generate high resolution PWM signals, while a programmable delay block accurately detects rotor positions in sensorless applications.

In order to help meet compliance with IEC?60730 safety standards for household appliances, Kinetis KV1xMCUs have two independent watchdogs to help ensure the safe operation of on-chip firmware. In addition, a hardware Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) engine allows safety verification of the validity of the contents of the Flash memory, as well as checking the integrity of all onboard serial communications.

Target applications for Kinetis KV1x series MCUs include brushless DC motor control, stepper motor control, and low voltage DC motor control.