PULS Powers Mecca Clock Tower

Mekka_TowerWhen night falls in Mecca the green dials of the largest clock tower in the world are still clearly visible at a distance of over 10 miles. Two million LEDs – and around 1000 PULS power supplies illuminate the four clocks mounted on each side of this colossal tower at a height of 400 metres. During the daytime the clock dials are white, but at night they are illuminated bright green. The hands are black during the day and brilliant white at night. The tower has been designed and tested to provide a service life of 100 years during which it will have to withstand extreme weather conditions and hurricane-force wind.

The 1000 PULS Dimension XT series, 48V / 20A power units deliver the one million watts required to illuminate the LEDs and consequently form the core of the electronic lighting system; if they fail the clock faces remain dark.

The 600 m Mecca Tower could be prone to a lightning strike. PULS tested its installation using a supply of 500kV / 4000A with both air discharge and multiple discharges to the power supply input. The robustness of the Dimension series successfully protected the units from damage and since its installation in 2012, the tower has shone every night – reliably showing millions of people visiting the city the accurate time, day and night.