Get Protected with Littelfuse LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules Available from Mouser

Mouser 1Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules from Littelfuse. The LSP05 protection module provides up to 10kA of surge current protection while the LSP10 provides up to 20kA of surge protection. Littelfuse’s LSP product series provides surge immunity with multiple protection features that is designed to prevent catastrophic equipment failures.

The Littelfuse LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules, available from Mouser Electronics, protect electronic equipment from high voltage spikes. These surge protection modules are specifically designed for the harsh environments of outdoor lighting applications including commercial LED lighting fixtures. The devices are self-protecting and are based on the Littelfuse thermally protected varistor technology.

These surge protection modules protect electronic equipment in compliance with IEEE C62.41.2 “Recommended Practice on characterization of Surges in Low-Voltage (1000 V and less) AC Power Circuits”, Category C 10kV/10kA High Exposure Conditions. They also conform to the US Department of Energy Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium’s (MSSLC) model specification for municipal street lights, as well as meeting UL1449 Type 4 Component Assembly Recognition.

Lighting applications for the Littelfuse LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules include outdoor and commercial LED lighting, roadway lighting, traffic lighting, municipal lighting, digital signage, wash wall lighting, parking lot and garage lighting, warehouse lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, and residential street lighting.