Asymmetric Flasher sets your precise pace

8892For simple ON/OFF cycling with extreme time parameters, a wide universal supply voltage capability and clear and easy settings, Finder’s new 88.92 timer with Asymmetric Flasher (Recycling)provides an attractive solution that’s particularly suitable for operator adjustment from an equipment’s front panel.

The 88.92 offers a wide option of time ranges from times as short as 50 milliseconds and as long as 300 hours—a ratio of up to 800,000:1 should you need it—ideal for driving warning devices such as sirens or flashing lamps, or for mixing or dosing liquids or other materials.

It’s attractive for front of panel mounting and adjustment, but equally appealing for internal mounting where visibility is restricted or otherwise difficult.

The product is available in a version starting with the OFF state, and a version starting with the ON state. The main features include:

  • 12 … 240 VAC/DC power supply
  • 2 changeover contacts rated 8A 250V AC1
  • Adjustable time delay: 0.05 s …. 300 h
  • UL approval

For further information, or to download a datasheet, visit, or contact [email protected].