Positive bookings set to continue

logoAccording to FBDi, the German component distribution market has grown by 3.7 per cent in Q1/2014, having already started the year with a slight plus. Clearly the positive booking situation continues and there are signs for a positive development for the full year 2014.


With a turn-over of 505 million Euro, representing a share of 68 per cent of the total market, once again the dominant semiconductors remained slightly lower than the average. Passive components grew by 5.6 per cent to hold a 15 per cent share of the total market, while electromechanical grew by 6.1 per cent. The rest of the market is divided between displays at 2.9 per cent, power supplies at 2.1 per cent and sensors at 0.8 per cent. Due to the clear increase in orders for semiconductors, the overall allocation may shift in the direction of semiconductors during the next quarters.


FBDi chairman of the board, Georg Steinberger, said: “With positive long-term forecasts for the German industry in growth markets such as lighting, medical, internet of things, or smart factory, FBDi remains optimistic in terms of further development of the distribution business.”