RGS Tames Big Data Tsunami with New Cold Solution in the Americas Market

AVNET_VektorenlogoRGS, a business unit of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), has announced the release today of the RGS Cold Storage solution. Developed by RGS in conjunction with industry-leading storage software provider Storiant, RGS Cold Storage is available through RGS’ network of value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers and integrated software vendors in the Americas.


RGS Cold Storage is designed to enable end customers to optimize and manage petabyte-scale data more efficiently and cost effectively as they see a massive influx of data, including rich media, images, video, archives and more. Storage solutions like this will be a critical element for the data center of the future as customers look for low-cost options that address the pure volume of data.


RGS Cold Storage is the market’s first fully integrated, certified and tested rack-level storage solution for “cold,” or infrequently accessed, data, archives, backups and big data analytics. It combines object storage software from Storiant with open standards hardware and provides businesses in markets such as financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, government and cloud services with a storage option that has the scalability, control and security benefits of storage on disk, with the cost efficiency of storage on tape.


The RGS Cold Storage Solution includes:

  • Object storage software from Storiant
  • Fully integrated rack-level appliance
  • Petabyte-scale cold storage and long-term archival
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with low cost per TB
  • On-demand cold storage or archival
  • Hot serviceable drives


“The rate at which data is being generated and consumed today is far greater than what even the most bullish analysts predicted. Managing this ‘data tsunami’ requires an entirely new approach to archival and backup data storage,” said Scott MacDonald, vice president and general manager, RGS. “RGS is working with Storiant to create a fully integrated solution that provides superior data access, security and flexibility at a price point that is significantly more competitive than traditional storage systems. This solution offers resellers the opportunity to differentiate their business while providing their customers a cost-effective storage solution with scalability.”


The RGS Cold Storage solution is fully supported by Avnet, including installation and support by professionally trained RGS technicians. The system gives RGS VARs a powerful new set of options to satisfy growing customer demand for more scalable and reliable data storage at a lower cost.


“Companies are finding that data is doubling every eighteen months, and that retaining it with traditional storage is simply too costly,” said Jeff Flowers, co-founder and CEO of Storiant. “That’s why many are exploring the scalability and economics of cloud storage, and in particular secure private clouds. That’s where RGS Cold Storage delivers; it combines the security, control, and compliance capabilities of private cloud storage, but with the economics and scalability of a public cloud.”