Murata’s XRCGB-F-P crystal unit series achieves up to 43% total tolerance improvement

MUR300Murata today announced a new range of crystal units based on its XRCGB-F family. The XRCGB-F-P crystal units have significantly improved frequency tolerance and temperature characteristics compared to previous units, allowing engineers to specify them for use in a broad range of consumer and industrial applications. With a frequency tolerance of +/- 20 ppm (at +25 degrees C), and frequency shift by temperature of +/- 20 ppm max.

(-30 to + 85 degrees C), these unit crystal units are particularly suitable for use in 802.1.wireless connectivity designs using protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee. Compared to previous crystal units that had a combined tolerance of +/- 70 ppm, these +/- 40 ppm units represent close to a 43% improvement in total tolerance.

In addition to the tolerance improvements the XRCGB-F-P series are constructed in the popular 2016 package, making them an ideal candidate for second sourcing.

The XRCGB-F-P series offer engineers a good balance of price v. performance compared to conventional products currently available on the market.