New Oclaro Red Laser Diodes Home in on Laser TV and Laser Projection

Oclaro HL63193MG PR PicThe Optoelectronics Company is delighted to announce that Oclaro’s high power visible wavelength HL63193MG laser diode is now in mass production, news which will interest the laser TV, video projection and show laser markets, desperate as they are for higher and higher power output from ever smaller laser diode packages.

The AlGaInP HL63193MG is a multi-transverse mode laser diode with TM mode oscillation in a 5.6mm diameter tiny TO package. It offers a massive 700mW optical output power at a typical centre lasing wavelength of 638nm, has an operating temperature up to 40 degrees C, typical operating voltage of 2.2V, LD reverse voltage of 2V, with a typical threshold current of 200mA and operating current of 820mA. The typical beam divergence parallel to the junction is 9 degrees, perpendicular to the junction is 35 degrees.

“The march toward higher and higher power diode lasers shows no signs of slowing down yet since high power red laser diodes remain critical to achieve the vivid colour, brightness and image quality required for laser TV and laser display applications.

This Oclaro 700mW red laser diode enables overall output power to be maximised without increasing the number of components inside the projector,” said Tony Pope, M.D., the Optoelectronics Company.

Notwithstanding its 700mW optical power output, the HL63193MG offers a high wall-plug efficiency rate of 38% which reduces both its electrical power consumption and the amount of heat that has to be removed from the package, allowing for a more compact and integrated design. High wall-plug efficiency, particularly for high-power lasers, is critical as it not only cuts down the electricity bill but also reduces the demands on electrical installations and on the cooling system, resulting in a reduction of the size of the laser system.

The Oclaro HL63193MG is currently in full, volume production as demand increases.

Oclaro’s high performance laser diodes are proven to consume a low operating current which extends battery life whilst maintaining the integrity of the laser diode power in a variety of applications such as inspection, measurement and biomedical applications and as a light source for optical equipment. All Oclaro diodes are RoHS compliant.

Oclaro high performance laser diodes are available from the Optoelectronics Company. Please contact the Optoelectronics Company to request samples for testing.