ODU AMC® protective caps – highly reliable solution for the next-generation military applications

ODU USA 4ODU USA announced today the launch of their ODU AMC® protective caps that offer the greatest protection and flawless function for all the soldier modernization programs that require innovative, robust and secure connector solutions.

Designed especially for military and security technology ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector meets all requirements of the future. The connectors are involved in many different sectors of the defense and military market, e.g. soldier communication systems, various “Soldier of the future” programs, radio systems, etc. This extremely robust metal circular connector series satisfies every demand when it comes to loading capacity and transfer reliability. The low weight, low-reflection surface, excellent EMC properties and compact construction make these connections ideal elements for military and security technology. Whether for unmated interfaces on the device or for the cable side, ODU AMCprotective caps ensure fast and trouble-free handling of the connections and overall system. They protect ODU AMCconnections from water, sand and dust under the most adverse conditions and extreme environmental influences.

In addition to the customary high-level protection function, the resistant caps also guarantee EMC protection up to 55 dB. Normally covers made of metal are used for this purpose. Although such covers prevent disturbances, they generate unwanted noise and possible damage if they strike against neighboring devices. The ODU AMCprotective caps use a special resistant plastic with particles. The EMC protection up to 55 dB guarantees trouble-free operation – quietly and reliably.

“Our protective caps have been successfully used internationally for three years,” explains Brendan Dempsey, Business Development Manager at ODU. “Our customers value our powerful innovation, as well as our caps’ reliable protective function and their EMC resistance, which is unique on the market. At the same time, this prevents a fault in the connection caused by the actual device or external ones.”

The ODU AMCprotective caps have been designed especially for the AMC series – both ODU AMCStandard and ODU AMCEasy-Clean. The caps’ mounting satisfies all market requirements and customer wishes. They are attached to a 200-mm long, fire-proof cable with the help of a dark crimp barrel. The customer can individually and flexibly adjust the other side of the cable to the desired length with the help of a second crimp barrel and a lug. Upon request, the specialists from this independent, medium-sized company can naturally also produce the second cable end or adjust the length of the cable exactly. “We give our customers’ wishes and needs top priority,” Günther Rohr,Global Portfolio Manager at ODU promises, “so that in the future, ODU will still be satisfying the highest demands in the military sector and ensuring a perfect connection.”