PR_3000_range_w_power_railWith selected devices featuring HART 7 technology, the entire 3000 series of compact best-in-class temperature transmitters and converters provides high accuracy, fast response time and low temperature drift – without compromise.

Temperature transmitters and converters have been PR electronics’ core business for four decades, and now this expertise extends to the 6 mm wide 3000 series. Never seen before in a 6 mm device, the HART 7 technology featured in the 3113 and 3337 gives future temperature applications more design and system flexibility in programming, monitoring and maintenance for both analog and digital signal outputs.

An entire range with top performance

In addition to temperature transmitters and converters, the 3000 series includes a complete range of high performance signal devices for all standard applications. Both temperature and signal devices can be used in a wide range of industries, such as energy, water/wastewater and chemical/petrochemical with a much lower total cost of ownership.

Unlike the competing devices, the 3000 series excels on all parameters – accuracy, response time and temperature drift – without compromise. It simply delivers precise measurement of rapidly changing signals, in any environment with high energy efficiency.

Compact and reliable

At just 6 mm, the 3000 series includes many advanced features in each compact device. Up to 50 units or 100 channels can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a 30 cm standard DIN rail or power rail with no air gap separation. All of the devices are individually validated to exceed the most demanding failure rate assessments and are backed by comprehensive technical documentation and a 5-year warranty.