Noiseless relay and overcurrent protection in a single unit

AE 597 ETA solid state power relay from AercoAerco now supplies the ESR10, a new solid-state power relay from E-T-A that offers a noiseless relay function and electronic overcurrent protection in a single unit thus reducing space requirements and component count.

The ESR10 is designed for standard 4-pole automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588, and designed for 12V DC on-board electrical systems. It is rated to 50A and offers remote re-setting in the event of an overload trip. It is suitable for a wide range of 12V DC applications including switching and protection of motors, lamps and magnetic valves used in road, construction, agricultural and rail vehicles and marine, process and automation equipment.

Packaged in a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm housing, the solid-state design of the ESR10 offers wear-free switching and is immune to shock, vibration and dust. Silent switching is of great benefit inside passenger cabins and also requires a far lower switching current compared to standard electromechanical relays. A micro version offering only short circuit protection and rated to 30A is also available.