Head to Toby for Raspberry Pi B+ HAT spec connectors and sockets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFranchised distributor Toby Electronics has added a range of Samtec surface mount connectors and through-board sockets that support the new HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) specification for Raspberry Pi B+ add-on boards. The parts give designers of HAT-compliant expansion boards the choice of either a flush, low profile solution, or longer pins that enable the addition of further boards or IDC cables, for example.

Taking advantage of the 40-pin GPIO employed in the recently launched Raspberry Pi B+ module, the HAT specification enables automatic identification and configuration of the GPIOs and drivers for add-on boards. To support this more user-friendly approach to board design and development for the Raspberry Pi, Toby is now stocking Samtec’s 40 way, 2.54mm pitch, 3.51mm profile surface mount connectors.

These can be soldered to the top of a HAT-compliant add-on board and are available either with (REF-182665-01) or without (REF-182665-03) locating pegs. The Samtec sockets, which mate the Raspberry Pi B+ module’s GPIO to the connector on the add-on board, are available with either 4.93mm pins for a flush finish (REF-182683-02), or longer 10mm pins (REF-182684).

All the parts are competitively priced, and can be ordered online with no minimum order quantity or value.