Unmatched Lumen Density with the Cree XLamp CXA HD LED Arrays Available from Mouser

HiRes_Cree_XLampCXAHDLEDArraysMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the XLamp CXA High-Density (HD) LED Arrays from Cree. Targeted for high-intensity, LED lighting applications, the Cree XLamp® CXA2590, CXA1850 and CXA1310 High-Density LED Arrays double the light output of existing standard-density CXA LED arrays without increasing size. The greater light intensity of these devices offer new levels of lumen density and is rated one of the highest in the industry, allowing complete replacement of ceramic metal halide (CMH) light sources.

The Cree XLamp CXA High-Density (HD) LED Arrays, available from Mouser Electronics, deliver up to 15,500 lumens, and are characterized and binned at 85°C. The CXA HD LED Arrays are available in ANSI White and EasyWhite® 4-step and 2-step color temperatures ranging from 2,700K up to 6,500K, and offer a minimum Color Rendering Index or CRI of 70, 80 and 93. With multiple size and lumen-output options, these CXA HD LED Arrays enable manufacturers to address a wide range of lighting applications. Manufacturers can also take advantage of how these high density LEDs allow users to improve lighting output without taking up more space.

The CXA1850 LED Array delivers more than 9,000 lumens from a 12-mm light source, enabling the same lighting quality as a 70-watt CMH light source while using half the power. For manufacturers looking to design smaller, more-efficient track lights with twice the brightness of a CMH light source that use 30 percent less power, The Cree CXA1310 LED Array provides more than 2,000 lumens in a 6-mm light source. Lastly, the CXA2590 LED Array emits more than 15,500 lumens from a 19-mm light source, enabling luminaires with the same brightness and light quality of a 150-watt CMH light source at lower power.

Cree’s robust CXA HD LED Arrays provide unmatched, industry-leading lumen density, enabling a major reduction in system cost and power consumption, while expanding the breadth and depth of applications that could not be addressed by previous LED technologies. From directional indoor-lighting and accent lighting, to track lighting and spot lights, these devices shed the perfect amount of light intensity for next generation LED lighting applications.