Conductor and cable marking for stringent requirements

jcaouoawxxddpfcwxnt8The KMK HP product range is the latest generation of cable markers from Phoenix Contact for marking and bundling conductors and cables. The cable markers satisfy the stringent requirements of the rail industry due to the special properties of the polycarbonate material that is used. These include various fire safety standards, such as UL94 approval with V-0, DIN EN 45545-2, DIN EN 50155, DIN 5510-2, and NF F 16-101/16-102 as well as wide temperature ranges from -40°C to a maximum of +140°C.

Marking is carried out using marking labels which are secured in the cable marker by means of a hinged mechanism. The markers are attached to conductors and cables quickly and easily using cable binders. Tightening the cable binder keeps the cable marking label firmly enclosed in the cable marker. This prevents it from slipping or twisting on the conductor or cable surface even in the event of extreme mechanical strain. The marking information therefore remains clearly legible.

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