PROVERTHA offers UL approved PROFIBUS connectors

news_release_062PROVERTHA’s Profibus connectors received UL approval, an essential prerequisite for global marketing and sales. Only products tested by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) according to current US product safety requirements are allowed to show the UL sign. UL certified products enjoy good reputation by end users and authorities as well as insurance companies.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. is one of the worldwide leading organizations for test and certification in the product safety area. IEC standards set only minimum safety requirements for devices or systems, whereas the US market demands much more detailed regulations. So it may be necessary that the entire process from product design to manufacture, application, assembly, and operation has to be monitored.

„UL certification is one more important proof of the high quality of our products aiming to make data and signal transmission in industrial networks extremely reliable“, says Marco Staib, Product Manager at PROVERTHA. „The UL label expands the application and marketing possibilities of our high quality and reliability Profibus products throughout the world.”

Provertha offers a complete Profibus connector portfolio ready to realize 100% tested quick mounting solutions with the Plug&Play bus connector series. Also comprised are the crimp flange series for 360° EMI/RFI shielded bus connections as well as cable clamp versions for field assembly.

Main technical features of PROVERTHA’s high quality Profibus connectors are a EMI/RFI shielded zinc die-cast housing with special shielding geometry, four housing versions covering different mounting conditions, three bus connection types allowing for high flexibility, pin assignment and 12 MBit/s data rate according to Profibus specifications, externally operable bus termination lever switch for standard use, internally operable switch for EMI/RFI shielded applications, ON/OFF switch position visible from the front side, programming and diagnosis option with second D-Sub lock.