Hitaltech agree distribution agreement with Allied Electronics

RailboxHitaltech are pleased to announce that their range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures (manufactured by Italtronic Srl.) are now available to purchase in the US market via Allied Electronics.

“Hitaltech are pleased to be the appointed technical sales, marketing and master distributor of Italtronic enclosures for the US market. An important target for Hitaltech has been to develop relationships with distributors across the USA who are already reaching out to our potential customers. At Hitaltech we believe in forming close relationships with our distributors, and there is an excellent fit between Allied and Hitaltech.

Allied Electronics have an outstanding reputation in the USA market and through our distribution agreement we will be able to offer Italtronic’s enclosure products to customers across varying industries.” Explains Tara Jane Fisher, Hitaltech’s USA Sales & Marketing Manager.

The range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures now available to purchase via Allied Electronics includes the Railbox Standard and Railbox Compact, the Modulbox XTS B version as well as a DIN rail mounting enclosure produced specifically to house the Raspberry Pi B+.

These products aim to provide an enclosure solution for varying applications including; Signal conditioning, energy metering, HVAC, building automation and more.

Railbox Standard & Railbox Compact:

The RAILBOX STANDARD is a unique and stylish enclosure suitable for electronic applications mounted on a DIN Rail (EN 60715). The enclosure is mounted vertically therefore saving space on the DIN Rail.

4 sizes are available, 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm and 45mm thickness and are available to purchase in Black color from Allied Electronics. The Railbox is easily assembled as no screws are required and accessories include, breakable hole covers, panels and front covers.

The RAILBOX COMPACT is a lower profile version of the standard Railbox Standard enclosure with a height of 79mm (compared to the standard Railbox height of 120mm).

Like the standard Railbox, the PCB can be mounted in the base without the need for screws as well as allowing for Hitaltech’s plug and socket connectors to be mounted either side of the enclosure.

4M Modulbox for Raspberry Pi B+:

Produced in UL94V-0 self extinguishing material the electronic enclosure is supplied with a transparent top panel, body enclosure and base as well as the DIN rail hook allowing the enclosure to be mounted on a DIN Rail. The product is produced with the openings for the input and output requirements of the Raspberry Pi B+ embedded platform.

As with all enclosures from Hitaltech, the Modulbox 4M enclosure can be cost effectively machined and/or printed to custom specifications. Using a combination of high tech multiple tools, multiple axis CNC machines as well as low

cost high quality laser and full colour digital printing processes, Hitaltech are able to offer customised enclosures at exceptional value for money.

The Modulbox 4M RPI also offers a wall mounting option for the Raspberry Pi as incorporated into the base of the enclosure is a wall mounting function.

Modulbox XTS B Version:

The Modulbox XTS is a standard enclosure that meets the requirements of DIN standard 43880. Manufactured using UL94 V0 flame retardant PC/ABS material and now available from 2 to 12 modules wide, the product has been restyled to offer improved aesthetics and increased internal volume to accommodate larger components and/or improved airflow.

Allied Electronics will be offering the B version which has two steps on one side of the box and a high side on the opposing side resulting in a significant increase to the standard A type.

A range of standard and customizable front panels and terminal covers are available.

As well as offering a large range of standard enclosures, the new XT tooling concept enables custom inserts to be developed for all four sides of the enclosure, allowing customers to have their own unique design. Low cost custom inserts can be produced that allow openings to be created during the moulding process, thus eliminating the need for expensive machining.