Available from Hitaltech, the Modulbox Compact XTS enclosures

This new LOW PROFILE DIN Rail mounting enclosure line ‘Modulbox XTS Compact’ is composed of 24 kits divided into three versions (A, B and C) with the various sizes from 2 to 12 modules becoming available over the coming months.

In order to offer a compact enclosure able to suit various applications three versions are available:

Modulbox Compact XTS





– Version A has a two step shape similar to the existing Modulbox range.

– Version B has two steps on one side of the box and a high side on the opposing side.

– Version C has high sides on both sides of the box, giving a significant increase in internal volume.

These DIN rail mounting enclosures can be hooked on the GUIDE EN 60715 (made in conformity with standard DIN 38880) or it can be fixed to the wall.

The enclosures are similar to the existing MODULBOX XTS Enclosures, but the height is reduced to approx 32 mm. The result is an extremely compact enclosure that can be equipped with the same electronic boards designed for the base of the standard MODULBOX XTS series. These low profile DIN Rail mounting cases are an ideal solution for applications where the enclosure is mounted in a cabinet with limited space available.

A second PCB can be fitted close to the top of the enclosure thanks to simple spacers or pins.

Versions A or B also utilise the terminal covers already used with the standard Modulbox XTS.

Customisation of the enclosure is available through a printing and/or machining service.  This offers the end user the opportunity to receive a standard enclosure produced with specific customisation to meet both functional and aesthetical requirements.

Hitaltech’s sales engineers are able to work alongside design engineers whilst projects are in the design phase in order to offer an enclosure customized to meet specific requirements.