Boost Efficiency and Lumen Density with Philips Lumileds’ LUXEON CoB LED Arrays Available from Mouser

HiRes_PhilipsLumiledsLUXEONCoBLEDArraysMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the LUXEON® CoB High Uniformity and Efficiency LED Arrays from Philips Lumileds. Offering a breakthrough in LED efficacy of up to 130 lm/W, and one of the highest combinations of lumens, package density and efficacy in the industry, the LUXEON CoB LED Arrays now give designers the ability to use less expensive optical solutions and generate ultra-compact luminaires that deliver outstanding center beam candle power (CBCP). The LUXEON CoB LED Arrays are engineered for maximum rotational symmetry, and provide optimal light quality and efficacy using a uniform, small light-emitting surface (LES).

The Philips Lumileds LUXEON CoB High Uniformity and Efficiency LED Arrays, available from Mouser Electronics, offer uniform and crisp optical performance under real-world operating conditions as hot at 85°C. These LED arrays also provide industry-leading thermal resistance which simplifies luminaire design and minimizes testing. The metal-core printed circuit board of the LUXEON CoB substrate offers an improvement of four times the heat transfer, enabling up to 40% smaller heat sinks and improved reliability of the lighting system when a larger heat sink is used.

The LUXEON CoB LED Arrays provide many cost and quick time-to-market benefits, including the use of smaller and less expensive reflectors, smaller system heat sinks, and the flexibility of halogen and CDM replacements. The devices have multiple color temperature options and a Color Rendering Index or CRI of up to 90 and are available in cool white, neutral white and warm white. LUXEON CoB LED Arrays are UL-listed and are supported by a comprehensive optical, mechanical and electrical ecosystem.

With lumen packages ranging from 501,000 to >10,000 lm, these solid-state lighting solutions offer designers smaller beam angles and higher CBCP, while providing a lower overall cost and smaller footprint. The LUXEON CoB LED Arrays are ideally suited for a number of general lighting applications including outdoor lights, industrial lighting, retrofit bulbs, spotlights and downlights.