Microchip PIC32MZ in Stock at Mouser is One Fast Number Cruncher

HiRes_MicrochipPIC32MZMouser Electronics, Inc. has announced the availability of the PIC32MZ 32-bit Embedded Connectivity (EC) Microcontroller Family from Microchip Technology, with a powerful 200MHz MIPS core rated at an unprecedented 330 DMIPS and an interrupt latency of only 10 cycles.

The new Microchip PIC32MZ EC Microcontroller Family, available from Mouser Electronics, is a high performance 32-bit microcontroller featuring plenty of memory, processing power, and serial peripherals. PIC32MZ family members have up to 2Mbytes of program Flash memory and up to 512Kbytes of RAM. The program Flash memory boasts a unique Live?Update feature, which allows the Flash memory to be updated while simultaneously running application code, useful for mission?critical applications. Both Flash and SRAM have on-chip L1 caches to further speed processing.

The PIC32MZ is the first PIC32 microcontroller based on the Imagination MIPS32 microAptiv™ core. The microAptiv core adds DSP extensions, improving processing power by adding four 64-bit accumulators and 159 new instructions to the PIC32. An optional hardware crypto processor offloads processing from the core for secure connectivity applications and supports a range of standard encryption algorithms including AES, 3DES, SHA, MD5, and HMAC.

The PIC32MZ includes a very high number of serial peripheral interfaces. Six UARTs, six SPIs, six I²S, and five I²C are available as well as 10/100 Ethernet and dual CAN 2.0b. Hi?Speed USB has both MAC and PHY on?board, a first for PIC microcontrollers. USB OTG is also supported. Code density is reported to be 30% better than competing architectures, and 40 channels of 12?bit ADC offers one of the best microcontroller ADC throughput rates at 28Million samples per second (Msps).

Extensive development tools support for the PIC32MZ is available, including the PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity Starter Kit; PIC32MZ EC adapter board; and the Multimedia Expansion Board II with a 4.3 inch WQVGA touchscreen, a VGA camera, and support for 24?bit stereo.

Target applications for the Microchip PIC32MZ include wireless audio, programmable logic controllers (PLCs),building automation, smart meters, automotive infotainment, and cloud computing applications.