Retex desktop enclosures offer strong yet flexible design

SONY DSCHylec-APL has launched a range of desktop enclosures from Retex for applications that demand utmost reliability. Already popular with manufacturers of medical equipment and data control systems, the range is available in a myriad of shapes and sizes to meet most requirements. As with all Retex enclosures, the range can be customised to the customer’s wishes with EMI / RFI shielding added as required.

For more than 20 years Retex enclosures have been some of the most popular designs in the UK market, thanks to their high quality construction and the attention to detail that goes into each product. Designs such as the Abox desktop enclosure, which features an inclined operating area with a second viewing panel which is raised at a steeper angle, are considered classics and can be found in most hospitals, research laboratories and IT centres. However, it’s only recently that end-users in the UK have been able to buy the enclosures under the Retex brand name.

Mark Severn, Director of Sales at Hylec-APL, explains: “The Retex range of electronic enclosures has been available from UK distributors for a long time under different brand names. Because of their quality design and high performance they are extremely popular and most electrical designers and OEMs are familiar with the product.

“We work closely with the manufacturers to give the UK market place the ability to buy the branded products. This gives them the confidence of knowing where their product comes from and that it has been manufactured by one of Europe’s leading enclosure companies.”

The desktop enclosure range features an extensive collection of designs and dimensions to accommodate most industry requirements. Features include retractable feet, sloping design faces and PCB mounting facilities within the enclosure base. Within the range there are ABS plastic, aluminium and steel designs which are available with a host of customisation options if required.