Conrad offers WAGO 221 Compact Splicing Connectors

CRD121_Image2_1188437_BB_01_FB_LRESConrad Business Supplies has announced that it now offers the WAGO 221 series of COMPACT Splicing Connectors. The family of three, ultra-small parts (2-, 3-, 5-pins) has been optimized for ease-of-use and is suitable for all wire types.

The new Wago 221 series has been developed to address the demand for ease of installation and the trend towards more space-restricted applications in end products such as junction boxes. Being 40% smaller than its predecessor – the 222 series meets these objectives whilst also allowing for future expansion.

Key features include a transparent housing to give visual confirmation that wires are inserted correctly and stripped to the correct length, low force operating levers and two test ports suitable for standard probes. Two, three and five-wire connectors are offered and any combination of wire types from 0.14 mm2 to 4 mm2 (24-12 AWG) can be accommodated.

“At Conrad Business Supplies it is important to offer the latest, innovative products to meet the changing needs of end customers,” said Jürgen Spörl, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies at Conrad. “The 221 series is the latest example of this and its small size and multiple features to make it easy, versatile and practical will be welcomed by Conrad’s customers.”