Hitaltech launch a new range of IP65 Sealed enclosures

Product overviewHitaltech’s range of IP Rated enclosures aims to meet the requirements of engineers when designing an electronic or electrical system.

When selecting an enclosure for a new application Hitaltech understands that there are a number of factors which need to be taken into account. This is true whether the enclosure be DIN rail mounting, hand held or a sealed enclosure.

These factors usually start with the enclosure size itself. There is no doubt that determining which is the right enclosure for the application before designing the PCB is the ideal scenario as the overall constraints will be minimal. However for instances where the PCB/application has been designed and the final piece of the puzzle is an enclosure to suit, Hitaltech aim to offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

The IP65 Sealed enclosure range is available across a range of sizes from relatively small (80x80x60) to large industrial sized enclosures (360x360x158mm).

Once the correct sized enclosure has been determined, there are a number of other factors the design engineer is likely to consider.

  • Does the enclosure come with a hinged lid for regular access to the electronics within the case?
  • Is there the option to have a transparent lid allowing the user to see the internal components?
  • Does the enclosure come with cable gland knock outs? Are the cable glands also available from the same supplier?
  • Are captive screws available to ensure the security of the enclosure?
  • Is there a separate terminal wiring compartment?
  • Are samples available?

In order to meet these demands Hitaltech are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of IP65 rated enclosures and cable glands all of which are available to view on with samples available for testing and proto-typing services.


In today’s competitive market, design engineers are being pushed by sales and marketing to design an aesthetically pleasing product whilst keeping costs relatively low. As a result engineers are facing a situation where a standard off the shelf enclosure does not meet these requirements but the option to outlay the costs for a custom mould is not viable.

In order to meet the requirements of both design engineers and marketing respectively, Hitaltech offer a customisation service.

Whether it is the IP rated, DIN Rail mounting or hand held enclosures, for relatively low MOQs these electronic enclosures can be cost effectively custom machined and/or printed to meet customer specific demands.