HAMmond launches EGGciting new bareboard computer enclosure platform

platform-webHammond Electronics has announced its new 1593HAMEGG enclosures, board-specific designs for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi bareboard computers. Available in translucent blue, translucent purple or translucent black, they have been designed in response to user feedback, providing an alternative to traditional base and lid designs where the bareboard is mounted inside an enclosure. In the innovative HAMEGG design the board is screwed into moulded studs located on the top of an egg-shaped base, giving EGGcellent stability and all-round unrestricted access to I/O connectors, often used controls, indicators and expansion boards; it also allows easy installation of EMC shields if required.

Initially, the new platforms are configured for the Raspberry Pi A, A+, B and B+ and the Arduino Uno, Due, Ethernet, Leonardo, Mega ADK, Mega 2560 and Yún. Board-specific versions for designs from other manufacturers active in this fast moving sector are in development and will be available in the near future.

The platform also provides space for a battery holder for either three or four AAA batteries, and, for added expandability and mobility, mountings are provided for a popular range of interlocking plastic bricks and wheels!