Phoenix Contact’s ME IO Compact Housing System Now at Mouser

HiRes_PhoenixContactMEIOHousingSystemMouser Electronics, Inc., the global authorized distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the ME-IO Compact Housing System fromPhoenix Contact. Based on a modular front connection technology, the ME-IO housing system can accommodate up to 36 connection terminals, and is available in overall widths from 18.8 millimeters. Phoenix Contact’s ME-IO lock-and-release system enables safe and easy fastening and freeing of a plug from the housing assembly, and comes equipped with push-in connection technology adjusted to fit both the electronic requirements and the housing system itself.

The Phoenix Contact ME-IO Compact Housing System, available from Mouser Electronics, features integrated push-in connection technology that allows wiring and conductors to be quickly connected directly to the system without using any extra tools. This functionality helps to save time and simplify connecting and exchanging devices, while also equipping electronics with the latest communication interfaces.

The flexible nature of the ME-IO enables the modular terminal area to be designed with a variety of options and customer-specific adaptations, including LEDs, customer-specific labels and codable signal and data connectors, which facilitate error-free connections of plugs and headers.

The ME-IO Compact Housing System is offered as TWIN plug types, and is available for purchase through the Mouser Electronics website for use in a broad array of industrial applications. Each product meets the Standard for Safety of Flammability (class VO) based on UL 94. Phoenix Contact’s ME-IO also offers an optional DIN Rail Bus connector that is compatible with both the company’s ME and ME?MAX product families.