Scorpion power/signal connectors from Astute

Astute pr  - Scorpion PositronicAstute Electronics, the leading supplier of electronic components and value added services, has announced the availability of Positronic’s Scorpion modular signal power connector family including the low profile version. Positronic uses modular tooling that enables the quick turnaround of a very large number of customer-specified contact variants up to 100mm long, yet the moulding process yields a one-piece insulator.

Power options include 60, 40 and 30A contacts, or 55 and 12A in the low 8.2mm profile version. Contact resistance is as low as 1 milliohm for standard conductivity contacts and 0.7 milliohms for high conductivity contacts. 3A signal contacts are available, and blank module options enable creepage and clearance specification to be made. Contact terminations include board-to-board, board-to-cable, cable-to-cable, and panel mount options.   A wide variety of accessories is available, including ventilation slots in the connector housing, integral blind mate system, integral locking system, float mounts, and panel mount clips.

Comments Gary Evans who heads up Astute’s newly-formed Franchise Connectors Division: “Every designer is looking to reduce size, weight and parts count. Scorpion gives them the flexibility they need in demanding hi-rel applications such as aerospace and defence, rail, oil and gas and industrial.”