FCI Introduces SFP+ Active Optical Cable

 SFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly copyFCI, a leading supplier of high speed interconnect solutions & connector systems, announced today the introduction of its SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC). This new generation of low power AOC is fully compatible with the SFF-8431 industry standard, plug compatible with SFP+ hardware ports and compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel signal transmission protocols. The 10Gb data rate performance is achieved with 50% reduction in power consumption. Operating between 0°C and 70°C, these AOCs are offered in lengths of 1 meter and up to 100 meters.

The SFP+ AOC is part of FCI’s suite of 10Gb interconnect solutions which include DAC cable assemblies, board connectors and cages and FCI’s SFP+ SR and LR Transceivers. This product has been engineered with the latest flip-chip optical sub-component VCSEL technology operating at 850nm and optimized for low power consumption of approximately 250mW.

This 50% reduction in the power enables a significant reduction in system hardware operating costs by lowering the heat dissipation and system management costs through simplification of heat management features & controls.

The small diameter fiber optic raw cable, with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacketing, allows easy cable application and routing. An easy to use pull tab mechanism assures simple cable mating and un-mating.

“The introduction of our low power SFP+ AOC helps to address the on-going heat management and heat dissipation challenges that both hardware system designers and data center managers are constantly looking to minimize or eliminate” says Roy Muscarella, VP and General Manager of the HSIO business unit at FCI.