Renesas Electronics Introduces 32-Bit Automotive Microcontrollers

REN0573_RH850D1xRenesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the RH850/D1x Series of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) specialized for use in instrument clusters that deliver easy-to-access information to support a safer and rich driving experience.

The connected car generates a significant amount of information from the automotive networks, cameras and multimedia systems. This trend drives a strong need to transmit these large amounts of information to the driver in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-read manner, shown as graphics. As graphics become widely used in instrument clusters, colour LCDs will be widely adopted to increase both the expressive power and legibility, improving the communications with the driver. It is important to provide appropriate information at the appropriate time with appropriate displays through a combination of gauges, graphics, and head-up display.

As the leading global MCU supplier for instrument clusters, Renesas is leveraging its automotive experience to support the whole range of instrument cluster systems, from the combination of gauge control and LCD display for entry and mid-range cars, to the full graphics required for high-end luxury cars. Designed for entry class and mid-range vehicle systems, the RH850/D1x Series integrates gauge control, graphics display and functional safety in one chip, while reducing the system BOM cost. It also enables scalable development offers, and helps designers implement instrument cluster systems with highly reliable colour graphics LCDs.