New flex7 Zonelite

ZoneLightThe new flex7 Zonelite Control Units from Flex Connectors have been developed to cater for the connection & control requirements of lighting installed in 3 different types of room/area: offices, classrooms and circulation areas. Each Zonelite variant is supplied pre-programmed with 16 of the most commonly found lighting configurations in its own particular environment. You simply select the programme that offers the scenario best suited to your needs and then plug the luminaires and controls into the Zonelite Unit following the specific installation guide.

Zonelite Control Units are available in sizes: 4,12,16 or 20 luminaire output sockets. These are configured into groups to be controlled by up to 4 individual channels. Each unit comes as standard with 4 PELV miniature sensor head ports, 4 PELV switch drop ports and 1 PELV network port.