ATICS for Data Centres

Unknown-1ATICS from Bender UK offers a compact and fully integrated automatic changeover device that protects ‘no fail’ power supplies to vital services in data centres, including security and life-safety systems, chillers and air handling units.

Fully certified to BS EN 61508 and BS EN 60947-6-1, ATICS is designed in accordance with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Level 2 for absolute confidence. It integrates switch disconnector and control electronics for seamless changeover between two independent power supplies, and is available in 2 pole 80A or 4 pole 80A, 125A or 160A options.

The compact enclosure is easily accommodated in switchgear and simplified wiring enables rapid installation. ATICS includes a no-break bypass facility to allow full testing of the changeover system without losing supply to the load. Fully programmable, ATICS offers flexibility in terms of incoming line prioritisation and switchback operation on restoration of a faulty line. Through close monitoring of the output current ATICs can also identify short circuits to prevent inadvertent operation of the changeover, and offers the option of manual switching and padlock security.

Status, warning and alarm messages are communicated on integrated or external displays via BMS bus, with automatic reminders for prescribed tests and serviced intervals, and full memory recall for events, messages, tests and perameter changes.

ATICS is also the only product available in the UK to achieve independent (TUV) accreditation to SIL Level 2 through incorporation of permanent self- testing across all critical components to bring increased peace of mind over other products that are susceptible to failure without prior warning.