The Atmel SAMA5D4 MPU Now at Mouser

HiRes_AtmelSAMA5D4-1-1Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new SAMA5D4 series of 32?bit low power microprocessors from Atmel Corporation. These new Atmel microprocessors are based on a 528MHz ARM® Cortex-A5 core and offer the ARM NEON™ SIMD engine for accelerated multimedia and graphics processing. The SAMA5D4 supports 720p video playback up to 30fps.

The new Atmel SAMA5D4 microprocessors, available from Mouser Electronics, target high performance multimedia applications that require hardware processing of video signals. These microprocessors have 128KBytes of L2 cache and up to 32KByes of SRAM. An onboard graphics TFT LCD controller with support for overlays allows for high resolution image processing with a touchscreen interface. A CMOS sensor interface allows the SAMA5D4 to interface to high resolution cameras. Dual 10/100 Ethernet MACs support the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol. Additional peripherals include 32 DMA channels and three high speed USB ports as well as multiple UART SPI, and I2C ports.

To protect the security of data transmission and stored information, the Atmel SAMA5D4 includes many forms of data protection. A dedicated coprocessor supports public key cryptology such as RSA, elliptic curves algorithms (ECC), AES encryption, 3DES, hashing functions, and TRNG. The CPU core allows for encryption and decryption of the external DDR2 memory with support for tamper detection pins. An integrity check monitor (ICM) further enhances system security by detecting any modification of memory contents. These security features protect SAMA5D4 based systems against system counterfeiting, unauthorized modification of data, and system tampering as well as securing sensitive data transmissions.

Development is supported with the Atmel ATSAMA5D4XULT Xplained Ultra Evaluation Board, a hardware platform for fast evaluation and development of the SAMA5D4 microprocessor. The board comes with an HDMI port and LCD display. The on-board SAMA5D4 processor is loaded with an embedded debugger, eliminating the need for any external tools for device programing or debugging.