Toshiba Introduces New Four Pin TO-247 Package

6693A_LRESToshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a new four pin TO-247 MOSFET package targeting power factor control for high power Smart Power Stage (SPS). The new package is equipped with high speed DTMOS-H chips with low QGD to optimise switching behaviour.

In conventional three pin TO-247 packages, parasitic induction at the source pin causes increased losses with increasing switching frequency. With the new TO-247 4L package an additional source signal terminal is separated as a ‘Kelvin source’. By using this source pin, di/dt and switching efficiency can be increased. Compared to a three pin solution, the switching loss E(on) will be reduced by the new four pin solution by about 15%.

The DTMOS IV-H chips are made using Toshiba’s Deep Trench technology that delivers lower ON resistance (RDS(ON)) at higher temperatures, compared to conventional super junction MOSFETs. It also offers reduced turn-off switching losses (EOSS) than previous technology generations. The combination of smaller increases in RDS(ON) at high temperatures and reduced EOSS provides higher efficiency for power supplies and assists designers in minimising system size.

The new four pin TO-247 packaging style will initially be seen on four members of the DTMOS IV-H range, the TK25Z60X, TK31Z60X, TK39Z60X and TK62Z60X all of which feature VDSS of 600V with RDS(ON) values of 125 down to 40mOhm.