Low profile screwless plugs added to Hitaltech’s Conex-it range of connectors

HSFE & HMSAHitaltech’s Conex-it range includes a comprehensive range of both Rising Clamp & Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks and Connectors.

In many applications the tightness of the screw clamping on to the wire has been dependant on the installer, however Hitaltech’s screwless range remove this need, and the result is therefore a uniform connection across each terminal suited to applications where vibration occurs.

Another obvious benefit is the significant reduction in installation time as well as the possibility to use terminal blocks and connectors on a smaller pitch where space is at a premium.

The latest addition to the Hitaltech range interconnect products is the HSFE low profile screwless plug – now also available on a 3.81 & 5.08mm pitch.

Previously already available on a 3.5 and 5.00mm pitch, this plug can be supplied from 2 to 24 poles across a range of colours including green, black, red & grey.

Rated at 160V/5.5A (3.5/3.81mm pitch) or 300V/12A (5.00/5.08mm pitch) this range of screwless plugs is an ideal solution for various applications including fire and security, energy management, power supplies & metering to name but a few.

A range of PCB Mounted headers to mate with the HSFE plug are also available from Hitaltech including the single row HMSA range (available in both horizontal or vertical orientation) and also the HMSD double row header for applications requiring additional connections within a limited space.

The HRFE range and mating headers are suitable for applications where vibration occurs as they can be supplied with either a locking screw flange or latch allowing for increased protection against tension and vibration.

All of Hitaltech’s plug and socket connectors carry UL Approval and are manufactured using the highest quality materials.

Further information on Hitaltech’s range of Spring clamp plugs and sockets is available by visiting the Hitaltech website:

High Temperature headers offer time and assembly benefits 

Produced in high temperature PA9T material Hitaltech offer a range of PCB Mounting headers which are reflow compatible and can therefore be soldered at the same time as other surface mount components.

Able to withstand soldering temperatures of up to 260°C these headers can be supplied in boxes, trays or tape on reel packaging allowing the product to be used with pick and place technology.