A stylish development

ES July15 Pg34 Camdenboss 2Development boards are here to stay. That’s why CamdenBoss’s short lead-time custom enclosures, manufactured using flat sheet plastic technology, are proving popular.

Utilising flat sheet plastic technology (FSPT) ensures that CamdenBoss can always provide an enclosure to suit hot off the press development boards. The creative design team first ensures the enclosure fits the development board using the latest 3D and 2D CAD/CAM software before producing production ready prototypes and on to volume production.

All development board enclosures come with cut outs pre machined and in the correct locations for the micro USB, HDMI, audio ports, USB ports, Ethernet, Micro SD, LEDs, general purpose input/output and Pi camera ribbon cables. This helps to ensure the development board is housed securely while ensuring ease of use and access to all functions.

No tooling required

No tooling is required for the FSPT process, which means CamdenBoss is able to offer medium to large volumes at reasonable prices, with rapid lead times. As well as using the FSPT process for development board enclosures, CamdenBoss also offers this service for all individually designed enclosures.

Since its inception, CamdenBoss has always taken a keen interest in enclosure technology for Raspberry Pi and other development boards. The newest member of the development board range, Raspberry Pi A+, is no exception; it can be housed in what CamdenBoss describes as a sleek, contemporary enclosure designed to maximise functionality with its snap fit design and groove to secure the PCB.

Colourful finish options

Development board enclosures from CamdenBoss are offered in a carbon fibre acrylic capped ABS finish, which it claims is unique to the market. Purchasers can choose from crystal clear, white, black and many other colours.

Optional in-house digital printing is also offered on the external faces of the housing, along with any customisation required to meet specific requirements. A colour matching option further helps users create corporate synergy, to ensure a product has maximum impact.