Customise for quality

ES July15 Pg24 CEM DJ 1A customised approach to box build means DJ Assembly is happy to tackle all kinds of project, from simple enclosures to complex fabricated box build.

Box build has been a growth area for York based DJ Assembly, with a remit to meet the assembly needs of a variety of different companies. Its approach is to cater for each project on an individual basis, providing a bespoke service to all.

Recently, for example, the team received some interesting new orders, including one to create products for a manufacturer of materials testing machines and systems, Tinius Olsen.

Tinius Olsen needed a UK based printed circuit board assembler able to keep lead-time and costs under control and secure a supply chain of genuine electronics components. DJ Assembly was able to offer just such process management.

A representative for Tinius Olsen commented: “In a short time period, DJ Assembly has stepped up to the challenges of producing high quality printed circuit board assemblies in accordance with Tinius Olsen’s in-house design requirements and bill of materials. Along the way they have acted in a professional and timely manner and ensured that all communication channels were used to overcome any inevitable start-up issues.”

In this, as in other projects, DJ Assembly was willing to help with each part of the process. In particular it is able to work on the design and procurement of parts in order to create cost savings and a more efficient final product. Its goal is to deliver a whole service, from design to completion, doing everything along the way to make the box build and PCB assembly (PCBA) journey easier.