Test points simplify small scale test

ES Aug15 Pg16, 18 & 20 Connectors HarwinHarwin has expanded its EZBoardWare portfolio with new, small size and low profile surface mount test points, developed in response to industry demand for increasing functionality in decreased PCB space. The two new test points match the 2012 and 1608 metric electronic package sizes, providing secure connection points and allowing test engineers to clip on industry standard micro test clips.

EZBoardWare surface mount test points are compatible with auto-placement to minimise installation costs and are available in a range of form factors and three stock sizes.

The components provide specific targets for test engineers to use when testing PCBs. They therefore find applications in most markets, from medical and aerospace through to the industrial, instrumentation and control systems. Essentially, any market that wishes to test PCBs during the assembly process is a target.