New at Rutronik: Common Mode Choke Coil for In-vehicle Use from Murata

While the use of electronic components in automobiles has been accelerated, strategies against noise have been becoming increasingly important for the assurance of safety. For these, Murata now offers its series of CommonModeChokes for in-vehicle Ethernet applications in 1210 size. The series is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

The DLW43SH/MH series are CommonModeChokes that are suitable for in-vehicle Ethernet applications. Thanks to Murata’s unique ferrite material technology, the series has accomplished low insertion losses, and a finer mode conversion with Murata’s sophisticated winding technology. These characteristics enable high noise suppression effect and high immunity response.

The DLW32SH series in 1210 size is a miniaturized version of the DLW43SH series. It has a reduced size of 3.2×2.5×2.3mm while offering equivalent performance like the bigger version. The DLW32SH series has inductance values from 11?H to 100?H and a current load capacity of 240mA to 150mA. It has surface mount terminals as a structural feature, which reduces the influence of thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature change, resulting in an operating temperature range of -55° up to +150°C.