Newark element14 First to Stock Panasonic MA Active Infrared Motion Sensors

Electro224Newark element14 has announced it is the first to stock the Panasonic Motion Sensor AMA and AMB Series for human detection.

Priced from $22.78 with price breaks for higher volumes and same-day shipping, the ‘plug and play’ sensors provide trigonometric background suppression, which means they are unaffected by changing scenes or by people passing by outside the detection range.

Applications include the detection of the presence of an individual in front of machines, at automatic doors or in security gates and as non-contact switches for hygiene and medical applications.

Changing light conditions and bright daylight measuring up to 30k lux at the sensor’s surface will not affect the performance of the sensor.

Measuring 10mm wide and 20mm high, the package depth has been reduced to 12.7mm ensuring a low product footprint and easier installation.

For adjacent use there is a version with external trigger input. The timing of the signals can be adjusted so that the beam frequency of each adjacent sensor will not interfere with the other.

The proximity switches have a detection distance of 5 to 200cm with NPN and PNP transistor outputs. Operating Voltage ranges from 4.5 to 5.5Vdc or in a wider voltage version from 5.5 to 27 Vdc.

To learn more or purchase the Panasonic Motion Sensor AMA and AMB Series, visit Newark element14 today.