Threadless cable gland for simple, quick assembly

CA_HELUTOP_Easy_vorne_image_contentWith the new HELUTOP® Easy cable gland conventional fastening techniques like threaded holes and locknuts are unnecessary.

A unique, patented spring/snap system allows for quick and easy installation in hard-to-reach areas and in no-access spaces where locknuts can’t be used. No tools are required. Fastening the gland by hand achieves the same tight fit compared to traditional glands held in place with locknuts.

Thanks to short installation times and no need for threaded holes and locknuts, the HELUTOP® Easy offers substantial savings.


  • No tools required for installation
  • No threaded holes required
  • No locknuts required
  • Same clamping range as HELUTOP HT-Series
  • VDE according to DIN EN 62444
  • Gland and cable will be fixed with clockwise thread
  • Installation in tight areas and no-access spaces (locknut side)
  • Assembly: push cable gland in and turn clockwise – can be done by hand
  • Cable gland fits as tightly as traditional gland held in place with threaded hole or locknut
  • Hexagon of body and cap are same SW
  • Large wall thickness range: 0.02 – 0.16 in
  • Quick and easy disassembly with separate tool. No damage to cable gland or wall.