Colour Touch Panels with Vandal-Resistant 15mm glass

Varitronix Vandal Resistant Touch PanelVaritronix has announced a new development to further enhance their range of High-Resolution Touch Panel TFT Displays. The development allows the addition of a Cover Lens with glass thickness up to 15mm through which the Capacitive Touch Screen can still easily be operated.

The technology challenge was to provide the required range of touch-sensitivity through a thick 15mm glass which was needed to provide a solution for use within a high-risk vandal environment. Mutual Type Projected Capacitive technology which when combined with software upgrades gives the end-result of unimpaired touch-sensitivity, despite the glass thickness, while also maintaining minimal drop in the optical transmission of the display at less than 10%.

In the example shown Varitronix has incorporated a 7” Normally Black, TN, Transmissive TFT panel, resolution 800xRGBx480 with the Special Cover Lens for a Public Transport application. Other applications will include the Intrinsically Safe, Military, and Marine market sectors.

The displays are manufactured in accordance with international certifications including ISO 9001 for general quality management and ISO/TS 16949 for quality management of automotive products.