GAMMA – The Smarter Module

Picture1GAMMA brings unprecedented performance never previously seen from a small plug in RF module. With an incredible range, simple setup and ability to operate as a remote control, data modem or a bi-directional switch.

The SMART module from RF Solutions Ltd is the latest addition to their SMART Radio range. Using the latest OFDM, spread spectrum technology and extensive algorithm enhancements to achieve an impressive 16km range.

With 8 switch inputs or 8 digital outputs, two GAMMA’s can be used as a receiver/transmitter remote control. Alternatively, a transceiver set up can be created between two GAMMA’s where outputs on the GAMMA receiving will then follow the inputs on the GAMMA transmitting.

The GAMMA is ready to use out of the box, with no external components required. The competent GAMMA can either work on its own or as a part of an existing system. Available in 868 and 915MHz and an option of SMT or SIL, GAMMA is designed to appeal to a wide range of applications.