EVERLIGHT delivers high-efficiency 5630KK6D Series

elpm1517_Everlight_5630_300dpi_19x16With the rise of energy-saving efforts worldwide and improvement of applications using LEDs as next-generation light sources, more emphasis is put on the performance of LED lighting components more than ever before. With EVERLIGHT’s advanced 5630KK5D and 5630KK6D series (0.2W), the luminous efficiency can be improved to over 205lm/W (5000K) to meet the demands for high luminous performance of commercial lighting lamps and fixtures.

Using plastic materials with high reflection/lifetime and improved optical structures, EVERLIGHT’s 5630KK5D and 5630KK6D series are optimized to obtain the industry’s highest optical efficiency of 205 lm/W (5000K). Without modifying the circuit and PCB layout, the LED’s brightness is efficiently increased. Therefore, the amount of necessary LEDs or power used is reduced to save more energy for the whole lighting application. Both LEDs allow less than 11W power consumption when used to design a 2000lm finished product, which greatly reduces power consumption in a broad range of commercial lighting applications like office lighting.
EVERLIGHT’s 5630KK5D series (0.2W) with luminous efficiency 195lm/W is mass produced already; the 5630KK6D series (0.2W) with luminous efficiency up to 205 lm/W is scheduled for mass production in December 2015. Samples of both products are available for reference.