GTK expands TFT range to include new larger size displays

Larger TFTsGTK has expanded its range of TFTs to include larger displays, with new screen sizes ranging from 10.1” through to 15.6”. “We are seeing increasing demand for larger size TFTs from the military, medical, industrial and audio markets,” stated Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Optoelectronics at GTK.

GTK’s technical experts provide customers a high level of support with display selection and a wide variety of customisation options, including touchscreens, LED backlights, OCA bonding, O-Film, custom FPCs and cover lenses. It can also offer a select range of TFTs with an extended LED backlight half-life of up to 50k hours, which are well suited to some industrial applications.

“The key to providing our customers with the best solutions is early project involvement,” stated Clive. “Being involved at the outset of a project allows us to clearly define the display performance requirements, evaluate different technologies for suitability and explore customisation elements that will enhance the overall product performance. The customers we work with are frequently delighted with the end results that we achieve for them, delivering high performance displays at cost-effective prices”.