Mouser Now Stocking the Atmel ATtiny104 Xplained Nano Evaluation Kit

Mouser -  Atmel ATtiny104 Xplained Nano Evaluation Kit for the ATtiny102 104 AVR MicrocontrollersMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the ATtiny104 Xplained Nano from Atmel. Designed as an evaluation kit for Atmel’s recently launched ATtiny102 and ATtiny104 8-bit AVR® microcontrollers, the ATtiny104 Xplained Nano board enables designers to gain access to all the key features of the Atmel ATtiny microcontrollers without the need for external programming tools.

The Atmel ATtiny104 Xplained Nano, available from Mouser Electronics, was developed specifically to accelerate the design process and support Atmel’s 8-bit ATtiny102 and ATtiny104 AVR microcontrollers. Part of Atmel’s new AVR Tiny portfolio, these devices can run up to 12MIPS at 12 MHz, and feature 1 kByte of flash, 32 bytes of SRAM, and a Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART). The ATtiny104 Xplained Nano board offers a user button and LED, as well as access to all of the input and output (I/O) pins and other features of the microcontroller for easy evaluation. In addition, the board has an Atmel Mini Embedded Debugger (mEBDG), which is essentially a composite USB device of two interfaces: a debugger and a Virtual COM Port. The mEBDG features an auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio, one green board status LED, and programming capabilities.

Using the ATtiny 104 USART interface, the Xplained Nano board can also communicate with a serial terminal over USB for debugging and verification, and can stay connected to the terminal program even during chip re-programming. The onboard programmer can be completely disconnected from the host microcontroller or it can be used to program any other microcontroller with the Atmel Tiny Programming Interface (TPI).

The ATtiny104 Xplained Nano is supported by Atmel’s development ecosystem, including Atmel Studio 7, an integrated development environment (IDE) that gives designers a seamless and easy-to-use environment for coding, building, simulating, programming, and debugging applications for Atmel microcontrollers. The ATtiny104 Xplained Nano operates at a supply voltage of 5V and is ideal for prototyping a variety of small applications including logic replacement and cost-optimized applications in the consumer, industrial and home automation markets.