Mouser, Stocking Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-CP Family of Offline Switching ICs

Print_Power Integrations InnoSwitch-CPMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the InnoSwitch™-CP switching ICs, part of the InnoSwitch family from Power Integrations. These new offline constant-current/constant-voltage flyback switching ICs incorporate a constant power output profile which, when paired with an adaptive-voltage protocol such as USB-PD, helps designers of smart devices achieve faster charge times, improved charging efficiency, and backward compatibility with the popular 5V USB BC 1.2 specification — all while minimizing overall thermal management and battery charging system cost.

Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-CP switching ICs are available from Mouser Electronics in two models — the 15W-output INN2214K and 20W-output INN2215K — both of which incorporate a flyback controller, 650V MOSFET, secondary-side sensing, and synchronous rectification driver to provide extremely high efficiency across the full load range. The ICs use Power Integrations’ FluxLink™ technology, which enables high-performance secondary-side control to be implemented with the simplicity and low component count usually associated with primary-side regulation. FluxLink enables feedback information to be delivered across an isolation barrier without the use of magnetic materials, and delivers a very high communication bandwidth, which enables a much faster load-transient response. Additionally, the minimal DC bias requirements of the integrated communication link, enable the system to achieve less than 10 mW (no-load).

The InnoSwitch-CP family of ICs dramatically simplify the development and manufacturing of low-voltage, high-current power supplies, particularly in compact enclosures or with high efficiency requirements. The ICs incorporate a comprehensive suite of advanced protection features including overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection with 3V auto restart, hysteretic thermal shutdown, and line input overvoltage protection with accurate brown-in/brown-out thresholds. The RoHS-complaint ICs are fully compliant with safety and regulatory standards, including 100 percent production dialectic strength (hi-pot) compliance testing equivalent to 6 kV DC/1 sec, reinforced insulation, and isolation voltage testing to above 3,500 VAC.