FerroRAIL series from POLYRACK for individual solutions in railway transportation

POLYRACK_FerroRAIL-sWith its 19‘‘-subrack series FerroRAIL, POLYRACK offers a verified rack-mount system for individually configurable enclosure and system solutions in the railway industry. The wide diversity in this series is suitable for all applications in railway and transport system.

The FerroRAIL series meets the demanding requirements in the railway and transportation market and the specific demands of the French railways SNCF for electronic components. This particularly includes the standard EN 50155, which combines important standards for on track vehicles: it regulates aspects such as power distribution, isolation coordination, electromagnetic compatibility, shock and vibration resistance (NF EN 61373) as well as specific fire and smoke protection standards (NF 16-101/102, class F1, I2). In addition, the FerroRAIL series corresponds to the standards NF F 60-005 as well as NF F 67-012 and NF F 60-002 (mechanical test for French rail vehicles).

Depending on the application-specific use, different constructions can be realized with single components of the series. The basic constructions are available in two designs: standard products have a side plate extension as well as a cable distribution frame, the IEEE-versions are also available in a shortened version and shielded with EMC-springs. In order to design the basic constructions vibration-proof, the side plate and mounting brackets as well as the rear corner brackets are positively tox-joined and the horizontal rails secured with two screws each side.

Various assembly and accessory parts match the use in different domains. This includes for example standardized guidance profiles or coding pins. Furthermore card guides made of polycarbonate (PC) are used.