Verotec acquires IMRAK 1400 in £250k+ investment in stock and facilities

imrak1400-1-printVerotec, who hold the IP for many ex-Vero Electronics metal enclosures, has acquired the stock and assets from CommNetworks for another well-known Vero product, the IMRAK 1400 cabinet range

Verotec has now acquired the stock, design drawings, UK sales rights and business contacts for the entire IMRAK 1400 family from CommNetworks. IMRAK 1400 is arguably the best-known racking system in the UK, with an extensive installed base and ongoing sales in the general electronics, broadcast, networking, security and other sectors, where its features, appearance, design versatility and wide range of standard sizes and accessories enable it to be easily configured to suit specific applications from standard building blocks without customisation.

Verotec already has a strong customer base for IMRAK 1400, and in order to support and grow this sector of the business, has taken additional premises as a self-contained stockholding, assembly and configuration facility dedicated to the IMRAK 1400 range. As the result of purchasing the piece part stock previously held by CommNetworks, Verotec can now offer its extensive customer base reduced lead times and improved service levels. Experienced CommNetworks staff with many years’ experience of assembling and configuring IMRAK 1400 have joined Verotec as part of the acquisition, giving continuity and stability.

Verotec’s Commercial Director, Tim Armstrong, commented, “IMRAK 1400 complements our existing portfolio of metal enclosures and systems, and, of course, it shares the same design pedigree and high quality of all Vero Electronics’ products. We are looking forward to increasing our presence in the racks and cabinets sector of the electronics industry.”