Fuseholder is designed for PCB mounting

elc-oct16-p18-schurter1Fuseholder-style, circuit breakers in the T9 range from Schurter, now include the Model T9-818 for PCB mounting.

The T9 series features dimensions comparable to those of traditional fuse holders, and is designed for direct placement on circuit boards. According to the company, PCB-mounted components lower assembly costs, as fewer materials are used and wires are eliminated to fully automate assembly. The circuit breaker is more compact than quick-connect terminal types to save space. Its slim design means the reset button protrudes only minimally from the front panel. Two mounting pins provide additional mechanical support on the circuit board and protect the solder connections from additional pressure when the reset button is activated.

Circuit breakers prevent unnecessary down time, by eliminating the need for changing fuses, as well as
the associated risk of inadvertently inserting a fuse with the incorrect current rating, which may lead to equipment damage. The reset button springs out to indicate when the device trips.